• We have a well stocked library having Sample number of books, periodicals, journals for Students. The lab is at present semi- computerized, and is in the process of getting fully online. With this facility the students will be able to find any book, periodical or journal through their laptops. At present SCP is connected to Microsoft online library which offers over 500+ referencing materials for students.

The Pedagogy

  • The learning process is very crucial for students overall growth and development into a participant in the industry. Its eventually a reflection of an institute teaching methodologies. We believe in being volatile and open to new and innovative methods of teaching and delivering the best possible knowledge in the most efficient manner. This manner would be capable of letting the students flourish in the business they participate in and the teachings should be able to facilitate them in taking their businesses to the next level. We also work extensively with our dedicated faculty, guest faculty as well our expert promoters to shell out their experiences of imparting as well as collecting knowledge and put them to use by the best methods of imparting the teachings to the students.


  • A PC is a very important aid in today world for being in sync with world. We understand this importance and hence we address this by providing each student with a laptop. The Laptop is of the best specifications to suit a Managers! Engineers requirements. The Laptops are WiFi enabled to let the students be in the network all the times in campus.

Yoga, Meditation

  • World today has finally recognized Indian traditions with full heart. The traditions which our forefathers had used and were of utmost importance in the respective fields. Yoga and meditation formed the basic necessity during ancient times for the students and proved to be the best friends in any time, providing necessary patience, determination and self confidence in the disciples to reach the goal.

Students Constantly

  • This approach is motivated by the annual/semi-annual appraisal schemes adopted by the industry to keep the employees growing and keep motivating them by providing them feedback at the right times.

Innovative Mechanisms

  • At SCP we spend quality time in analyzing the student behavior and modeling the methods adopted to impart teachings dynamically to suit the current industry needs. We achieve this by constantly monitoring the success achieved by each student periodically and rating the